Of all the animals of prey, man is the only sociable one.
Every one of us preys upon his neighbour, and yet we herd together.
The Beggar's Opera: John Gay

Saturday 14 December 2013

Toast of the week - thumbs up!

This week, we ask you to raise a glass to objectivity, in the shape of a young man with a refreshingly down-to-earth attitude.
 As a way of remembering his best friend, Chris Scullion has set up The Thumb Fund which involves people getting the word ‘Thumb’ tattooed on a big toe.
So far, I admit it's not promising...
Mr Scullion said: “Jay lived with Danny Desmond, who was a tattoo artist. After a few too many beers, Jay decided to get a tattoo of the word “Thumb” on a toe.
Oh dear! Though I suppose he's not the first - and certainly won't be the last...
As a tribute to Jay, his closest friends will be recorded getting the same “Thumb” tattoo on their toes.
Yes, it's another memorial tattoo - that strange phenomenon which is covering Britain's youth in human graffiti and helping to make tattooing a major growth industry.
The toe is notoriously painful to get tattooed, but it is nothing compared to the pain we have gone through since he died."
And I suppose it beats cutting off a finger, like the Dani people of Papua New Guinea or the Sioux. While I understand wanting to make some kind of gesture after the murder of a friend, self-mutilation does seem an odd way to go about it.

But they do seem to be maintaining a resolutely upbeat attitude in spite of it all; what I liked about the story was this:
“The support has been unbelievable. I think Jamie would think we are all idiots, but that is why he was friends with us,” he added.
You have to admit, there is a certain charm in such clear-eyed self-awareness, which is why, even though he does now sport a truly ridiculous tattoo, Chris Scullion is our toast of the week.

Things will be a little quiet around here for a week or so as I am taking a short holiday away from the lure of the internet - please feel free to pour yourselves a drink and browse the Tavern archives (this might be a good place to start) and do keep leaving comments, which I shall answer when the opportunity arises.


  1. Scullion? What is the favoured colour of the tattoos? Porterhouse Blue?

  2. Good lord, I can no longer tell real news stories from 'Daily Mash' articles!

  3. There are no circumstances in which I would vandalise my skin with a tattoo. Ever. Dreadful things.

  4. “The support has been unbelievable."

    Much more believable these days though.

    Have a relaxing break.

  5. While I understand wanting to make some kind of gesture after the murder of a friend, self-mutilation does seem an odd way to go about it.

    So many go in for it, Macheath.

  6. Nice one,Demetrius; the name certainly has a good, old=fashioned ring to it.

    Julia,that gets more and more true each day.

    LR, I've never sen the appeal either; it would be like buying a t-shirt because you liked the picture on it and wearing it every day for the rest of your life.

    Thanks, AKH - it was!

    JH, I wonder how much in these cases is to do with peer pressure - 'everyone else is doing it' has surely led to many an error of judgement.


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