Of all the animals of prey, man is the only sociable one.
Every one of us preys upon his neighbour, and yet we herd together.
The Beggar's Opera: John Gay

Wednesday 10 March 2010

Ed Balls - Who?

Ed Balls has had another tantrum: Ann Treneman in the Times describes an undignified exchange between him and Michael Gove over the number of children receiving free school meals who then go on to Oxbridge.
"What both should have been concentrating on was the life chances of children with free school meals. But this basic point was entirely missed." 
Sadly that's inevitable when education is in the hands of a career politician.

Every weekday you’ll see young boys,
Playing truant in the mall;
There’s a minister whose job it is
To educate them all.
But initiatives proliferate;
Attendance figures fall
And guess who’s behind it...
Surely you mean Ed Balls.

His fingers on the switches
In the Downing street machine,
He employed McBride and Whelan
To keep his own hands clean.
Some slight intimidation
And Brown’s opponents fall
And guess who’s behind it ...
Surely you mean Ed Balls.

He thinks he’s a wizard
Of spin and hype and twist.
But Brown’s pet lizard
Could go and not be missed

Why do you think he does it?
We all know
He’s up to no good.

He plays the man of action,
He’s got Gordon in his spell
So was it Eddie’s faction
That unleashed the force of hell?
Things were getting sticky
Though Alistair stood tall
And guess who's behind it...
Surely you mean Ed Balls.

'There’s no class war
The policy’s the thing'
But it seems our Ed’s
Got lots of mud to sling.

With his feet under the table
He’s aiming for the best.
He climbed up through the Treasury
And now he wants the rest.
He's crazy with ambition;
One day Brown will fall,
And who’ll be behind him?
Surely you mean Ed Balls.

Update: A follow-up to the exchange with Michael Gove courtesy of Guido Fawkes. Enjoy.


  1. In my very long experience, for reasons that are entirely understandable the youngsters in the poorest groups of society see a need for cash in hand now rather than some ephemeral greater benefit a decade away. Moreover, even in the past a long education did not guarantee a substantial lifetime income by a long way. So tell me just how much are all those posh interns, researchers, and trainees making and going to make?

  2. cash in hand now rather than some ephemeral greater benefit a decade away is only half of it. Any child who qualifies for free school meals is likely to need to borrow heavily to fund a university education.


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